Recycled PET felt

Several of Dotes products are made from partly recycled and fully recyclable PET felt. Here is a glimpse into the material process at our supplier factory in Sweden.

FeltRolls FactoryWe have chosen to work with felt because of its versatility, durability and a pet's natural attraction to the material due to its heat insulating qualities. The combination of durability with the felts porous structure make it particularly suited to a cats needs. Scratching and climbing help cats to lower their stress levels and manicure their claws, both vital for a good health. The innate thermal and acoustic properties insulate heat and absorb noise. 

Recycled PET fibersA percentage of the PET felt is made from recycled plastic bottles. It comes to factory as fibre. This fibre material must be blended and mixed extremely carefully to ensure that every square metre of felt has exactly the same properties.

Needling feltThe fibres are then carded into thin layers which are laid on top of each other and carded together to form a wad. The wads are processed using barbed needles which first create and then increase the density of the felt with each pass.

Felt RollsThe felt can be used as is or subsequently thermo-pressed, compressing the material into extra-durable flat sheets or into three-dimensional forms using specially designed aluminium tools. 

Dote ToolHere is one of Dote's aluminium tools used to make a cosy yet sturdy 'safety cot', the core of the Dote Tote pet carrier. 

Pressing feltA quick trip to the oven and the felt is then pressed into the desired shape. Flat sheets are formed in a larger format press. The production process does not demand any additives like glues or resins.

Heatpressed shape in feltFinally, the products will be trimmed in a fully-automated robot station.