Making prototypes

Here you get to see some of the processes used to make our first collection of prototypes. Enjoy!

Felt Rolls

Many of our prototypes were made from partly recycled PET felt.

Recycled Pet bottle fibersBags of recycled pet bottle fibers for making the felt.

Aluminium pressing tool

A high spec aluminium tool in a large press

Aluminium Pressing tool with industrial feltwork together to form partly the inner shell of the Dote Tote 


Sven at Swema...

Waterjetcutting industrial feltWater jet cutting at Swema, Sweden to cut the parts for both the Modular Wall Climbers and the Dote Tote

Waterjetcutting feltvvv


Sven at Swema explains CNC techniqueMany late nights at Swema - Sven the Saviour! 

CNC logotype Dotebut it was worth it - CNC milling details at SWEMA, Sweden

Sewing bags at Artex

Sewing of the Dote Tote pet carriers at ARTEX, Sweden.