The first collection of prototypes focused around the production of partly recycled and fully recyclable PET felt, with the exception of the grooming kit. We set out to harness all aspects of the production, including heat-pressing and forming which both increase the materials durability - as well as reducing their footprint with ideas of using off-cuts for toys. 

Pet Grooming SetTHE GROOMING SET / A modern, one-stop grooming solution for small animals. The Kit includes a smooth silicone brush and recycled stainless steel comb with two heads, one for gently detangling hair and the other for combing or styling it. 

Pet grooming set coloursThe brush and comb sit atop a curved base compartment that confines stray hairs. 

Dote modular wall climbersMODULAR WALL CLIMBER / Most urban dwellers live in confined spaces. The Wall Climber is a sleek, modular system that’s designed to give cats an increased indoor surface area, allowing them to do what they do naturally – climb, scratch, exercise and play – within the confines of your home. The product is made from a partly recycled, tenacious heat-pressed PET felt with an internal steel bracket. Both parts are designed for extended wear and tear, but can be replaced and recycled when required.

Dote tote pat carrierTHE CLASSIC CARRIER / Neat and discreet, the Carrier is designed to safely transit small animals. Crafted from a comfortable fusion of shock and water resistant heat-pressed felt and breathable mesh, it’s strong but malleable and will adapt to various modes of transport with ease, including cycles, cars and planes. It also contains water-proof pockets (perfect for those all-important treats), in addition to adjustable shoulder straps and a soft mesh lining, which can be fully removed, transforming the carrier into a compact travel bed. All parts can be replaced, recycled or returned.

Mouldable pet blanketTHE MOULDABLE BLANKET / A pet blanket, but not as you know it. The Mouldable Blanket is a cosy comforter that can be sculpted into tunnels, caves and coves; making it perfect for play, sleep or even a game of hide and seek. Soft yet durable, the piece is crafted from 100% recycled felt from the production of the other products and intricately woven with a superfine copper net edging to make it malleable. 

Dote scrap pet toysTOYS FROM SCRAPS / An ever changing collection of toys made entirely from the production off-cuts.