Modular wall climbers

A step, a high perch or a private nook - the modular wall climbers can be used individually or in endless combinations.

Dote beige modular wall climbersA minimal and flexible design makes setup and maintenance easy and lets them fit in any living space, increasing the room’s usable ‘paw-print’.  The modules comes in a muted colour palette

DOTE CLIMBER sika climbThe felt has been heat-pressed creating a uniquely soft and durable surface, perfect for climbing and scratching, lowering stress and maintaining healthy claws.

Dote climber detailWhen the felt finally wears down, it can be separated from the frame, recycled and replaced - No need to throw out the product.

Dote small wall climberSMALL MODULE / A step, a stoop, a small scratcher

Dote long wall climberLONG MODULE / A path, a bench - A place to play, stretch, scratch or just lounge

Dote curved wall climberCURVED MODULE / A throne, a hammock, a hill - A place to rest

Dotue curved climber napThe felt is an excellent thermal and acoustic insulator making the modular wall climber a cosy place for a catnap.

Dote nest wall climberNOOK MODULE / A bed, a fort, a lookout - A loft

Dote wall climber nestOr just a place to hide when you need some privacy

Dote climber combinationA shared space.

Find out the dimensions and how to take care of your modules in the Product specifications