Tote test drive

Neat and discreet, the DOTE Carrier is designed to safely transit small animals. Crafted from a comfortable fusion of shock and water resistant heat-pressed felt and breathable mesh, it’s strong but malleable and will adapt to various modes of transport with ease.  

Dote Tote Car SeatbeltHere we do some initial tests with the Dote Tote. The design easily allow the Tote to be fastened securely into the car, and then unfastened. The strong adjustable straps are anchored directly into the internal form pressed safety cot - the core of the carrier. Dote Tote Carrying Boston TerrierThe mesh is a high quality technical material, made from post-consumer recycled PET. It can be unzipped in-part for curious travellers or removed entirely along with the straps to make an ideal travel bed. Dote Tote Pet CarrierPhotos taken by Matilda's dad Emir Eralp and modelled by her mum Linnea.